Andrei Gamarț (b. 1980, Republic of Moldova) lives and works in Bucharest. He is an artist educated in Chișinău and constantly exploring other creative fields such as poetry and literature.

His paintings, drawings, and graphic works reveal fractures of a world that seems suspended in-between time and space. The major themes populating this tenebrous and sometimes surreal “counter-reality” tackle the relation between memory, matter, innocence and error.


“A scene manifold, theatrical. Black boxes are illuminated to allow you see the unsuspected mental machinery within, a column that penetrates the floor towards something you can't yet make out, closets that open and absorb you into a world of which you are suspicious, but there are no means of closing them. Andrei Gamarț's exhibition Mirror for The Full Moon places you in front of your own character, a character hitherto unknown.” (Excerpt from Răzvan Ion - "Mirror for The Full Moon")

“What makes me negotiate about the end of painting when I try to interpret the paintings of Gamarț is their force of mirroring various stages of the history of painting, of challenging our cultural memory as well as their surrealist content reflecting our ambiguous notions and understanding of the world we live in. These paintings with their content and references may indicate end of history, but with their re-configured aesthetics they re-generate a new experience for painted images.” (Excerpt from Beral Madra - “Negotiate about the end of painting”)


“When I reflect upon it, I can see that it's a journey full of twists and turns. To where exactly is yet to be seen. I take great care in the process; each step is investigated in detail. I observe phenomena from a remove; taking note of objects, images and words that can seem trivial but may trigger the attention - such as how the light falls upon a surface, and how firstly flowers appear upon trees and then there are only the leaves, then the seemingly lifeless body. “ (Excerpt from Andrei Gamarț - “Short introduction: a direction”)