Anna Khodorkovskaya (born 1985) lives and works in Vienna. Her works create a new visual territory generated by the tension between life and art.

Elements from everyday visual culture are appropriated, remixed and transformed into a personal reflection about society and its own informational rhythm. Advertising, cooking, toys or mass-media-industry elements are overlapping while producing in real time an already nostalgic and obsolete aesthetic that the artist uses in her paintings, installations and performances.Anna Khodorkovskayaʼs works translates the artistʼs intense interest in the aesthetic language in correlation with a variety of media and external challenges.


Anna Khodorkovskaya uses multiple elements that are part of an authentic artistic practice, of an academic and scrupulous behavior, which she turns into a new approach, connecting it to a language of common sense, mirroring the modern loisir and the simple aspects of life. Using multiple tools of expression, different types of choice, various formal structures and media, the artist proposes a less conventional dialogue: we select the elements of our interest out of what we call common life, we deconstruct them, analyze them and rebuild everything in a personal manner, identified as a work of ar