Sasha Bandi

Lives and works in Cluj, Romania. 


Sasha Bandi uses a variety of practices and media – from drawings, paintings, charcoal, to mixed media and sculpture, researching on human fragility, triggered by the social inability to see beyond the surface. Sasha builds up a painful narrative about general misconceptions turned into mechanisms of rejection and stigma that spread to all of those who don’t fit the general pattern imposed by the faceless majority.

I work with trauma. I always find myself searching for it, although it has never been my destination. I explore the land of the outsider, of the outcast, of the savage. — Sasha Bandi


Exhibitions (selected): SASHA BANDI, Mobius Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (solo, 2019); The Lost Art of Not Belonging, MATCA ARTSPACE, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2019); Mother Tongue, Sector 1 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (2019);  A Thought That Never Changes, White Cuib, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (solo, 2018); Show Off: Summer Show, MATCA ARTSPACE, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2018); Colonia Trans-Sublation, Steaua Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2018); Sore Loser, MATCA ARTSPACE, Cluj-Naoca, Romania (solo, 2018); The Unpleasant Show, Jecza Gallery, Timișoara, Romania (2018); Inside, Visual Contact Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2017); SAVAGE, The Visual Arts Center, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (solo, 2016); RECALL, The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2016); Mindwreck, Bazis Contemporary Art Space, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2015, solo); PARIA,  Gloria Art Crypt, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2015); Naufragiul Ultimei Speranțe, Anaid Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (solo, 2014); Hidded Fild, BAZIS Contemporary Art Space, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2014); În Căutarea Păcii. O Lucrare Dedicată Soarelui, Bazis Contemporary Art Gallery, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (solo, 2014); Confort în Solitudine, Grota Art Cypt, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (solo, 2013); Absorption, Anaid Gallery, Bucharest, Romania (2013); Fear and Fury, Bazis Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany (solo, 2013), Persona Non Grătar, Bazis Contemporary Art Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (solo, 2012); Cluj Smets Berlin, Basis Contemporary Art Gallery, Cluj-Napoca and Berlin, Romania and Germany (2012); No Law, Casa Matei Gallery, The National University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2012, solo); Aproape Totul Despre Muștar, Șoimii Patriei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (solo, 2010);