Lea Rasovszky is interested in marginal cultural subjects, from areas such as kitsch, cartoons, ”manele”, bodybuilding and other stories or ”psychological peripheries” that are not purely social. 

Her artworks are, most often, portraits in motion of people, situations, and emotions filtered through an ironic and rough drawing style that highlight the stereotypes and values of the society towards which she has a critical view. Rasovszky's works are characterized by a fresh roughness and rawness, albeit never taking delight in trash. Nonetheless, they always espouse an in–your–face–attitude, sometimes marked by anger, melancholy, even bitterness, sometimes by crude irony and humor.


Lea Rasovszky's art can be considered as a reflection on the seemingly endless births, metamorphoses, deaths, and ensuing resurrections of pop culture, “the sole myth system that unites us all”, as Leslie Fiedler once said. 
Indeed, at first sight it's all there, mostly in the form of small drawings and mixed media panels, or in room installations: the bodies, the boobs, the (s)dicks, the sex, the fashion, the kitsch, the bunnies, the sunglasses, the beauty nails, the Teletubbies, good old Mickey Mouse, the gender trouble, the shrill colors of advertisement, the hype of the new media, even the specters of religion roaming among the earthly sinners at the supermarket.“ – Dr. Jörg Scheller