The CrocodilePOWER art group is a duo of artists Peter Goloshchapov and Oxana Simatova.

Imagine that our life is a skyscraper, in which different paths lead to the last floor. Your route can be tortuous, you have been climbing upstairs during whole life, or get stuck on one of the floors, and then one day go up on a high-speed elevator and eventually find out what's behind that small door with the inscription "Exit" which is leading to the roof. We want to be a person who has a bunch of keys from emergency doors on the balconies, during the way to the rooftop comes out into the balconies and invites other people to join him and see what’s going on outside the concrete walls and dusty windows.

Being an artist means for us to create own reality and materialize thoughts, accidentally guessing the images and themes that thrill not only you, but also other ones, accidentally giving to other people a cause for reflection and from time to time inspiring others. 


We perceive contemporary reality as a moveable, flexible space in which the past, present and future simultaneously exist and mix. We are interested in a process, which excites us with its unpredictability, in which a person simultaneously takes the role of the creator and the laboratory mouse. Creativity becomes a game in which each next step brings us closer to the limits of conventional everyday life. CROCODILE POWER