Saddo is a Romanian born contemporary artist, currently based in Bucharest. He juggles between paintings on canvas for galleries, large scale murals and commission illustrations for different projects and brands.

His work mixes his taste for painters like Rousseau, Bosch, Walton Ford, Matisse, Iranian miniatures or Asian carpets, with his street art formation, visible in his love of contemporary illustration, decorative arts, hip hop, urban culture.

His subjects range from surrealist imagery, day of the dead like iconography, explorations on death in different myths and religions, portraits of rappers and gangsters, flowers, burning cars, intricate patterns of birds and plants. He samples many different details, composition elements, themes, from all the paintings, illustrations, carpets, books and movies he likes, and incorporates them in his own complex iconography.

He’s been part of numerous group shows all over the world, he’s had two solo shows, in Viana do Castelo (Portugal) and Berlin (Germany), collaborated with many brands and agencies from Romania and abroad, and has painted murals in Germany, Romania, Canada, Bosnia, Thailand, Morocco, Portugal, Israel.