In Mathias Bar’s body of works, the human figure becomes emblematic in depicting the lifestyle of the new generation (clothing, physical appearance, social and environmental relations).

 His latest exhibition at Mobius Galleru, Venom, acts a meeting point for a large variety of human typologies, an experiment regarding the aesthetic and the conceptual approach of human corporality, outlining the artist’s vision upon a strange society, that struggles between a blurred present and an uncertain future. It is a place where each of us takes a turn in playing passive or aggressive roles, in the surviving game.


Exploring the rough edges of our time, Mathias Bar translates the social reality into a visual fauna, forcing the viewer to take a closer look at the relationship between the Prey and the Predator. The body has always been the center of interest in human existence, an interest reflected especially in art, from prehistory to Renaissance and reaching up to performative art in the present day. At the same time, Venom is an experiment meant to explore specific aspects that define the contemporary individual, namely her/his freedom in relation to their own body and with one's own identity.