Cătălin Bădărău

b. 1981

Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania 


Cătălin Bădărău's works are exploring the moment when agony becomes common and ordinary reaches futility. The body bears the continuous pressure and haunting memory of absurd and tragic situations in which it finds itself, hostage, unable to breathe, move or feel. Powerless, arms are suspended or laid down on various metal structures, with their coldness contrasting the softness of the wounded flesh and the texture of the skin, highlighted through pale tones, unnatural shades of grey and the unsettling red color of certain body parts.


Selected exhibitions: Perpetuum Violence, Gallery # 23, Langenberg, Germania (2016, solo); Uprooted”, Institutul Român de Cultură şi Cercetare Umanistică, ICR Veneţia, Italia (2016); Arta la fereastră, Galeria Simeza , Bucureşti, România (2016, solo); Perpetuum Violence, Nasui Collection and Gallery, Bucureşti, România (2016, solo); Derivă – Galeria Funnel Contemporary Art, Bucureşti, România (2015, solo); Klein Titel, Galerie #23, Langenberg, Germania (2015, solo); Nur wo du bist da ist nichts, Galerie#23, Langenberg, Germania (2013, solo);