Bianca Mann

b. 1991. Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania


Bianca Mann (b. 1991) lives and works in Bucharest. She has been interested in her recent projects in the subject of identity, based on two elements – the mask and the spot – the latter being used as both an opportunity to talk about what psychologists call blind spots and as a formal element bearing the similarities with inkblots used in the analysis of the perception of images to determine one’s personality.

Selected exhibitions: Eye to I, Mobius Gallery, Bucharest (2018); 1+1=3 or how to deconstruct a space in three acts, Glurns Art Point & MUSEION (Muzeum of Modern and Contemporary Art ), Bolzano, Italy (2018); Homo Deus, Mobius Gallery, New York (2018); The Blind Spot, Mobius Gallery, Bucharest (2017, solo); Amorphos, Go Contemporary Gallery, Bucharest (2016, solo); Small Sculpture Salon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest (2015); Persona, The Mask Theatre, Bucharest (2014, solo); UNARTE 150 years, Dalles Hall, Bucharest (2014); Sculpture and Painting, Palace of the Parliament, Brancusi Hall, Bucharest (2013).