Diana Matilda Crișan


Diana Matilda Crișan (b. 1995, Bucharest) stands out in the middle of the reassessment movement of textile arts through her embroidery works, placing the female body as a fundamental factor. The artist weaves around personal mythologies, addressing issues such as gender identity, erotic transgression, BDSM scenarios, the augmentation of the aesthetics of the queer body, and the position of women in the art world, where female characters can reach demeanours of the mermaid, witch, or demon. 


Diana - Matilda scrutinises the double standard imposed on the female body, both in media and art. In this highly sexualised representation, the clitoris, the authentic female sexual organ, is substantially invisible. Matilda is careful that this does not happen in her artistic career. Interested in the educational side of art, not only in the aesthetic viewpoint, she tries to revise the concept of erotic representation through a feminine perception, concerning the male-female dichotomy, role play, sexual fantasies and taboos. In this process, she does not deny the feminist force behind it but further focuses on the concept of transgression seen through a feminine lens.