Karolis Strautniekas

Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania


KAROLIS STRAUTNIEKAS is a freelance illustrator best known for his eerie, nostalgic yet acutely contemporary illustrations. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, he achieved international recognition working with clients such as Audi, Adobe, Air France, Dropbox, DuJour, El País, Facebook, Forbes, Global Blue, Glamour Paris, GQ, Honorific London, Knight Frank, La Reppublica, Little White Lies,  Mini Cooper, Motorola,  New York Times, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Independent, Smith Journal, Sunday Times, Taffel, TeliaSonera, Siemens, Sky & Telescope, Usbek & Rica, V&A museum, Vice, Variety, The Washington Post, Wired, Zetland, 99U. and many others.

He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Vilnius and then he began working in creative industries such as advertisement, animation and graphic design. Since 2013, he works as a freelance illustrator and amazes people with his charming illustrations.

Silhouettes, textures and subtle gradients. Karolis Strautniekas' illustrations are born in a nostalgic world and we can't help but feel a strong desire to discover more of his visual stories.

Karolis Strautniekas solo show at Mobius Gallery is his first solo exhibition and it comprises his best editorial and personal work from 2013 until now. In his approach, Karolis always tries to transform each commissioned work into a personal story. This can be seen in all of his compositions and carefully placed colors and textures.