Flowers Growing Out of My Chest: Lea Rasovszky

26 November 2021 - 22 January 2022
Press release
Curated by Ștefania Dobrescu
Exhibition opening – November 26th, from 4 to 8 p.m.
On view until January 22nd 
Mobius Gallery is pleased to celebrate the passing to a new season of art events, by unveiling LEA RASOVSZKY’s new solo exhibition - FLOWERS GROWING OUT OF MY CHEST. 
The exhibition showcases a series of new works through which the artist explores the dynamism of music on the relationship between mind and body, trying to define how individuals shift from a solitary condition into an unguided daze that metamorphoses oneself toward beings influenced by rhythm and sound. This energy is transmitted through an unseen sound passage that veils all the social discrepancies and allows individuals to connect and share the same vibration. 
Lea Rasovszky’s works celebrate the misfits, unglamorous people that do not align with the expected criteria, but face it with boldness, simply because the liberty of being yourself right in the middle of others is just too good to let it go. 
Flowers Growing Out of My Chest is a kingdom that sustains itself by developing people’s connection to one sound-euphoria ecosystem. 
The exhibition includes drawings, ready-made objects and ceramic pieces which are all elements of this unique dimension that can be accessed only by entering a state of mutual vibration through the sound streamline.
Partners: ARCUB, 2ActivePR, MAD PROJECTS