The New Nature : Claudia Larcher

2 March - 3 April 2018
Installation Views
Press release

Mobius Gallery, in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum, is pleased to announce The New Nature, the first solo show in Bucharest of Claudia Larcher, curated by Călin Stegerean.

The exhibition is on view at #2 Mendeleev Street, from March 2nd to April 3rd, 2018 with a VIP preview (by invitation only) on Thursday, March 1st and an opening reception for the public on Friday, March 2nd, starting at 7 p.m.  

The New Nature presents a series of works under the sign of interest to reflect the new nature represented by the urban environments. If rural settlements function by virtue of an organic relationship with nature, urban ones become a new nature in which we discover and explore not only the needs of optimizing existence, but also a part of the human soul, with the associated feelings, fantasies and subconscious elements. Using the video, the assemblages and the created objects, Claudia Larcher has sensed and transposed into her works, with great artistic skill, this urban spirit in which we find myths and forms of the past, along with the most fantastic thoughts and projections of the future, with their train of effects that sometimes affects the human balance.

Claudia Larcher is a visual artist with a focus in video animation, collage and installation. Larcher's artistic interests are places connected to history, familiarity and memory, questioning the meaning of "home" and "identity". The rooms stand therefore both for topographical realities and imagined memories. This results in (site-specific) video animations, photo-montages, collages and objects. She also experiments with visuals for performances and concerts. Claudia Larcher lives and works in Vienna, Austria.