Lea Rasovszky / Dig the Inbetween: Book Launch & Exhibition

17 March 2017

Artist book launch Lea Rasovszky Dig The Inbetween & after party with a twist - The Gospel According to Disney

We cordially invite you to an apocalyptic, yet fluffy book launch, tinsel and fur included, to celebrate Lea Rasovszky's artist book -Dig The Inbetween a collaboration with Larisa Sitar, graphic designer, and Diana Marincu, curator.

The guests are invited to allow themselves be inspired by the Disney characters that escaped from the magic castle, looking for the plush inferno; they may dress up, dualize, hide and heal themselves.

The event is opened both to the extroverts who want to turn an art gallery into a dance floor, and to the introverts who wish to skim through the book peacefully, in the shade of a few artworks exhibited only for that night.