Mobius at Contemporary Istanbul, 2019

24 - 29 September 2019

Mobius Gallery is pleased to present Under The Same Starry Night, a group exhibition featuring four Romanian artists – Roman Tolici, Andrei Gamart, Bianca Mann, and Sandor Szasz – presented at Contemporary Istanbul, the leading annual art fair in Turkey.
The exhibition exposes the overarching conceptual and aesthetic thread that the gallery program has followed since its inception. All of the artists are invariably grappling with speculative narratives concerning the future and humanity’s role in it. Under The Same Starry Night amalgamates the individual practices of the artists into a collective vision, thereby creating a comprehensive description of the precarious and precipitous landscape
human civilization currently find itself in. This exhibition echoes the concerns of the contemporary global society, but it does so through the various artistic practices that each act as a magnifying glass applied to various key ideas. In distilling an idea into visual form, artists are able to amplify meaning and touch substance that is inaccessible when presented as abstract thought. Four artists reflect on humanity’s collective anxiety about a future that has turned into present. Four threads weave together into a complex tapestry of speculative ideas, fears, and echoes. We are here, under the same starry night that will last longer than us, the same starry night that covered our entire history, a silent witness to our choices, mistakes, victories, sheltering our moments of glory or despair.