An Invincible Summer

Codruța Cernea
Artist Book 188 pages
Publisher: Mobius Gallery
Dimensions: 27 x 20 cm

At first sight, the dialectical path from feminine art with masculine means, which crossed through feminine art with feminine means and finally reached feminist art with feminist means, constitutes a complete and perfectly completed trajectory, from (self) mystification, by partial demystification towards integral demystification and subsequent instrumentalization. But the history of art never has an end (be it happy or unhappy), as it always invites, wonderfully, to relaunch. The evolution of Codruța Cernea is exemplary for this tacit feminine liberation from the noisy feminist movement, a freedom from the pseudo-liberties brought by the cynical-critical distancing of the previous generation, trapped in a sterile demystification, whose consequences were, among others, a break-up with painting for most of those who had practiced it and brought it to the limelight of feminism, where it wasn’t much room for canvases and the act of painting itself.   Erwin Kessler – Emophoria, An Invincible Summer


Coordonator proiect / Project coordinator: Roxana Gamarț
Autor / Author: Codruța Cernea
Text: Erwin Kessler
Design: Larisa Sitar
Front cover illustration: Orange Humanoid, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 90 cm, 2016
ISBN 978-973-0-34862-0
București / Bucharest 2021

Artist Book
An Invincible Summer: Codruța Cernea
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