Mobius Art Talks: Bridges I: Petruța Gheorghe

10 November 2017

In how many ways can we read a work of contemporary art? Are there interpretative notes, other than traditional ones, which we do not all master? And if so, what are they?

Mobius Art Talks - Bridges means a series of meetings with professionals from other fields than art, which we invite to tell about how contemporary art is seen from their perspective.

Each of the specialists with whom we will go through various exhibitions produced and hosted by Mobius will bring with him his own professional background as well as a filter of interpretation other than the one proposed by professionals on the contemporary art scene.

Art develops languages, and the keys of interpretation are always multiple. We invite you to discover with us what is hidden at the intersection between contemporary art and the various current professional fields.

The first edition of Mobius Art Talks - Bridges brings face to face with Anders Krisár's work a psychology specialist - Petruta Gheorghe, psychotherapist.