Artist Talk & Closing Party: Bianca Mann: The Blind Spot

31 May 2017

Mobius Gallery is welcoming the public to an exceptional artist talk, a bridge between two generations of sculptors, each of them enriching and molding the other while creating their own artistic vision and discourse: Aurel Vlad and Bianca Mann 


Aurel Vlad (b. 1954, Galati, Romania) graduated the Arts Institute "Nicolae Grigorescu" in Bucharest and in 2004 he became Doctor in Visual Arts, within the National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania. The Expressionist gesture sculpture of Aurel Vlad disturbs and at a same time seduces the viewer. Aurel Vlad's characters are former victims, who have passed the experience of torture and physical and psychological pain, transformed into emblems, icons of the martyrs, purified by suffering (example statuary group "Procession of the Sacrificed" at the museum "Memorial of the Victims of Communism & Anticommunist Resistance", Sighetul Marmatiei, Romania). Aurel Vlad collaborates with Anaid Art Gallery since 2012. (Courtesy of Anaid Art Gallery)

Bianca Mann (b. 1991, Bucharest, Romania) graduated at the National University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, with an MA in Sculpture. Mann's visual investigation deals with themes like identity, stigma, oneirism and zoomorphism, using her own mask as a research tool. The projects that marked the beginning of Bianca Mann's artistic career reflect her interest in the individual's identity - from Sensuality versus Sexuality project to Persona, Amorphos and, the most recent one, The Blind Spot, currently on display at Mobius Gallery until the beginning of June. At the moment, Mann runs her PHD research on the subject of Mask in Sculpture. In 2011 she won the ERASMUS scholarship at the Accademia di Belle Arte, from Carrara, Italy. Bianca Mann lives and works in Bucharest. (Courtesy of Bianca Mann)