Art Savvy I : Irina Moreno

30 March 2018

Mobius Gallery introduces a new series of lectures that will zoom in on the mechanisms at play in the art market with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of art beyond the like/dislike dichotomy.

Continuing its program of lectures, artist talks, and art-related live events, Mobius Gallery will present a series of lectures on various topics ranging from factors that determine value, art market players, art investment, managing a collection, reasons for the proliferation of art fairs and the impact on disseminating and collecting art, a behind-the-scenes look at art curating, delegated performance art. The lectures will offer a glimpse into the mechanisms at play in the art market unraveling aspects that go beyond the supply and demand principle. Using different angles to look at the same phenomena, some presentations will show participants how things appear when viewed through the gallerist lens, the collector lens, the curator lens, the art advisor lens, while others will offer a bird's eye view of the art market, zooming in on several hotspots in Europe and North America. 

Irina Moreno has a Master degree in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art, London. Prior to graduating with Distinction from Sotheby's, she spent twelve years running her own art appraisal and advisory firm in Detroit, Michigan. An accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers (2006-2014), she is a published author, lecturer, curator, and researcher. Her research papers include "The Fair Factor in Post-War and Contemporary Art" and "From Post-War to Post-Modernism: Auction Results Echo Exhibition Offerings."

Lecture 1: “ Factors that determine value”
Lectures will be held in English. 
They will be followed by Q&A sessions in Romanian and English.
Participation fee: 100 RON
Free entry for students with valid student card.
RSVP: [email protected]